14 May 2012

For the Greater Good

An alliance has been drawn between the Tau Empire and the Eldar. The two forces are normally enemies but the Eldar have been convinced to fight for the greater good, or maybe they have motives of their own!

What has made the two generals bring their armies together? The rumours of Necrons gathering an army to claim the prize of the Gambit Doubles Tournament maybe! The desire to claim the prize for themselves matched by there willingness to do anything to prevent it falling into the hands of anyone else!

There are only a few weeks left to choose you army, select and ally and make an attempt to claim the prize!
(Remember to submit your army lists to : gambitgamesuk@gmail.com)

Whether or not the alliance will hold remains to be seen, but then who is going to stop them claiming the ultimate victory?

Gary of Team Gambit

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