18 May 2012

The last FNM at Hove!

Tonight is FNM and it is the very last event at Kids Dreams in Hove!

It will be a 'Back Draft' costing £7.50! There will be prize cards for the winners but no prize boosters! (this allows us to keep the cost of entry low!) We will be using the full block, so one booster from Innistrad, one from Dark Ascension and one from Avacyn Restored!


Everyone will get a 'Bloodcrazed Neonate', the top eight will get an 'Ancient Grudge' and the winner will also get a 'Gravecrawler' all foil promo cards! The winner also gets a MTG bag!

What is a Back Draft?

As the name implies, Backdraft is just like regular Booster Draft--only backward. First everyone will open an Innistrad Booster. Instead of picking the best card, which you'd normally do when your Gambit ranking is on the line, you pick the worst card. Then you pass the remaining cards to the left.

Continue this process until everyone runs out of cards to pick. Then you open a Dark Ascension pack and do the same thing, except you're now passing to the right. When that's done, begin passing the Avacyn Restored boosters to the left.

You then take your full set of drafted cards and give them to a randomly selected player. Each player then tries to make the best deck possible out of what he or she got.

Players will make a note of any rares that they opened and these will be returned at the end of the evening!

There is limited space in this event so please let me know if you are planning on attending!


Also, its worth announcing the next Avacyn Restored event will be the 'Game Day'! Fitting this in has been a little difficult as it is a busy time for gaming at Gambit! It will be on Sunday 27th May and will follow on from the 2 for Glory tournament! The start time will be 7pm and it will be held in the Church Hall in Glebe Villas! The format will be STANDARD! More details will follow next week!

Gary of Team Gambit

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