18 May 2012

Wolves and Angels go to War!

Two Blood Angel generals have joined together to fight for the Gambit Games 2 for Glory 40K tournament next Sunday! Aaron a general with experience of winning a doubles event has joined together with fellow committee member Rob! What kind of force they will field is still unknown but with the Blood Angels thirst for war it is likely to be aggressive in nature!

Two other generals that have a lot of experience in the 40k universe are our reigning champions Michael and Chris, who after weeks of speculation over Necon, Dark Eldar or Ork alliances have decided to field a purely Space Wolf army! So far the imperial forces seem to be arriving on mass to claim the prize, can you gather an army to prevent a victory in the name of the emperor? There is still time to enter the tournament, but you need to get you tickets soon! The ticket price will go up to £15 per team on the day!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Andrea and I will be teaming up with the unlikely alliance of Britain and Argentina (plus Orks and Orks)..... The British tactical genius and the "hand of god", how can we go wrong?

    1. Good to have a previous champion back in action at the doubles! Does the 'tactical genius' still have what it takes to win?