15 May 2012

Small Scale Battles on the Sea

In preparation of the Tuesday night club meetings moving from Hove to Shoreham, Barry, Rob and myself played a couple of small Dystopian War battles. We only used models from the basic naval battle group box sets!

Barry and I played first and since we both had a chosen Prussian forces as our main armies, I decided to give the Federal States of America a try! We only used two units each and the battle lasted one hour! Although not the most eventful of games it allowed us to get a better understanding of the rules as we have both only played a couple of battles! Barry sunk my fleet with relative ease and claimed the first victory of the night!

As Barry was the victor, Rob stepped up to the plate for the second game, this time adding in a battleship to each side. Rob had never played Dystopian Wars before so the first couple of turns took a bit of time, but once the he got to grips with the basic rules and sunk his first ship things got much quicker and damage was dealt thick and fast!

The game eventually came down to a shoot out between the two battleships, Rob causing the first damage, but Barry caused critical damage in response and then wins the initiative on the next turn. The result was a win to Barry and the game lasted just under two hours!

We will be starting club night in Shoreham from May 29th and try to have a main game system played each week. We will also be restricting games to certain point values which will be advised before the night, to enable games to reach resolution in the time allowed! (So bigger games will need to be planned for our main gaming weekends). The first Tuesday night will be Necromunda which will be part of 'Doubles Week' and I will post details soon.

Gary of Team Gambit

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