15 May 2012

More Tales From The Web

Hi all,

Just thought I'd direct people to some nice posts I've found on the net from our members.

Firstly this one from Gareth, 'The Stonehorn Cometh'. It kinda speaks for itself, but heres a cool pic anyway.

Secondly a post from Paul, further work on his Space Wolves have ended up like this....

Thirdly, Petes gotten around to posting his 'Deathwatch Kill Team', and there looking pretty cool. Pic shows a sample of the team, not the whole thing :D

And lastly, Greblord has blogged a rather nice tutorial for making islands, for any sea based games *caugh Dystopian Wars*. Find it here.

Once more, I've been Olly for Team Gambit, happy reading.

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