14 Jun 2012

Duel of the Planeswalker 2013 BOOSTERS!!!!

Look at these very special boosters, which are due to arrive next week!

They're what await players of Duels of the Planeswalkers 2013. When a player first launches the game (or goes into the Extras tab), they'll get their code. And when they enter that code on our website, they'll get a voucher to print out. Then they'll bring that voucher to a us at Kids Dreams and get a booster. Here's a better look at them!

Players on PlayStation 3 will get this booster:

Players on XBOS 360 will get this booster:

And people playing on their PCs (via Steam) or on their iPads will get this one:

Each booster contains six Magic cards. Five of them are random, but the sixth is a Magic 2013mythic rare cunningly tied to the art on the booster. So, for example, that PlayStation 3 booster up there will contain this:

Neat, right? And here are the other two cards, which are for PS3 and Steam/iPad users respectively.

This promotion runs through December 13, 2012 (while supplies last).

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Adam T4:08 pm

    I'll be getting one of each for those boosters. Also any news on what set the Sealed event will be on Friday?

    1. Yes, I wanted to do New Phyrexia, but could not get the boosters so instead I have gone for Scars! I will email details, etc either later tonight or tomorrow!

  2. Can we use those boosters?