15 Jun 2012

FNM - 4 Booster Sealed!

Tonight's FNM is a 4 booster sealed event! Most of you have know that for a while, but what you have not know is which set? Well after some though, I decided not to go with the new block but instead....

before it goes out of standard later in the year! Hopefully it will make it an interesting event, having to construct from only 4 boosters and having slightly older cards that some will have forgotten and some may not have used at all!

How many three colour decks will we see? Will anyone get an Elspeth, Koth or Venser?

The cost for tonight is £10 and there will be no prize boosters, instead the top eight will all receive a promo 'Tormented Soul'...

First and Second will receive the current FNM card as well as either a 'Silverblade Paladin' or ' Gravecrawler'

This event is limited to 18 players ONLY, and will be on a first come basis, unless you confirm your place before hand!!!

I know that this week clashes with the England game, but I will have coverage on the radio for those that want to keep up with the score!

Also I have reduced some of our common/uncommon single cards today .... have a look at the Kids Dreams blog for details!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Robbie1:24 pm

    I'll be there, I like scars a lot and it'll be good to play with some of the cards before they go out of standard.

  2. Adam T2:27 pm

    I'll be there. Though James isn't coming, he'd rather throw money at digital online magic instead, like a fool.

  3. ill be there does this count as comfirmation?

    1. It certainly does, your name is added to the list!

    2. Robbie4:10 pm

      Mine to? :P

  4. Ah yes... 'Stock Rotation'.

    Scars of Mirrodin (best before October 2012).

    I'm in.