22 Jun 2012

Friday Night Magic 22/06

The format for today is Standard, from 6:00pm, £2.00 admission. The promo card is still Acidic Slime:


Also note that prerelease tickets for Magic 2013 on 7th and 8th July are on sale now. More information will be coming soon.


  1. Robbie4:31 pm

    I'll be at FNM as useual but I probebly wont able to get the money for the prerelease for a few days, is there any danger of them selling out?

  2. David4:52 pm

    not going to be at FNM but I will probably show up to the game day (i need 2 lanowar elves if someone has any). how much are the pre relaese tickets, i want to go to this one.

    (please excuse all spelling mistakes their is no spell checker)

  3. I'll have elves for you on Sunday :D

  4. Martin6:34 pm

    Needs more limited (or in other words, won't make it)! Nag Tom to organize drafts, I have 24 Zendikar boosters hanging around.

    Will be on for a pre-release, or two.