20 Jun 2012

Kill Team?

Recently I've spent a couple of evenings doing a little miniature building, which as most of you know is out of the ordinary for me, but was quite nice to not be drawing, writing CVs or Deck building.
I've posted previously bits that my brother Pete has been thinking about for Kill Team games and following this I've raided his loft for old models to create a team of my own. I'll post what I've done another time, for this post I wanted to post bits that our friend and Gambit Games UK member Dan Tulley, has been creating to take on Pete and I. This has been taken from his own personal blog...

'Death you say? No problem, coming right up....'

For the full blog post click here, It's good so go read it. Do it, Do it now! (In an Arnie Voice)

Hope everyone's well, Olly for GGUK

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