29 Jun 2012

Gambit on Tour

This weekend see's two Gambit regulars Colin and Michael visiting Nottingham for the Games Workshop 40K Doubles.

They have chosen to both play Necrons, so hopefully they will do well!

News from Colin on Day One:

News of a big reveal!!! What can it be, more news to follow!

Colin and Michael are faced by their worst match up for game one!

Games soon get under way and the hall is busy with activity!

Response from Colin after game one:
"It was a fun game :) revolved around our ability to avoid 10 sternguard combi meltas - yay and to much 10 GK terminators in melee - yay! A full point win, and that was a hard start! Onwards to harder games!"

So a quick break to take in the view of Nottingham following a great start and onwards to round two ....

Response from Colin after game two:
 "3 vendettas, GKs (again!) And 2 dreadknights - a harder game by far - more due to my dice, but we got there in the end - on turn 5 grabbing both objectives and it ended with us 1 turn from wiping them - closer then it looked at the end! Wraiths and Overlords are sick!"

Round Three sees our two players on the top table, facing none other than Mephiston!

Response from Colin after game three:
"Against blood angel / space wolves. Top table - elite players! Mephiston was a monster! We got lucky - they deployed an inch too close. Michael made insane amounts of saves , allowing for a total force wipe - yay."

A truly great day for the Gambit Team - We done to you both and good luck tommorrow!

And now in to the evening with the traditional quiz...

Response from Colin before game four:
Its won ONLY by last turn owning table quarters - and we are playing a 5 tank Mechdar luist with 3 war walkers !!! Oh snark !!! We are panicking now! Oh well maybe a sausage roll will help...

Response from Colin after game four:
Scary game done!
They Reserved , we pressed across in front of their deployment. We made a 'tactical error, they went for. We ran up, ate Ariel and made some amazing rolls to win the game with a turn 6 wipe.
Tactically I have loved making Mike think about more than blind Zergs and uts really paid off - along with both of us now making some insane saves :).
Last game at 1.15 - vs Guard Marines. Strangely , this one is one we are most confident on! Wierd!
One more to go. At this stage, I don't think we can lose?!

Response from Colin after game five:
They rushed us??? We munched them - turn 3 wipe - wow, a win win win


Three Awards for the Gambit Team - An excellent weekend!

Congratulation to both Michael and Colin!!!!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Awesome work fellas...

  2. Well done to both of you! Three prizes, quite a collection! At least I now know that I am not the only one who can't beat the Necrons!

  3. Well done boys fantastic result.