30 Jun 2012

A Midnight Prerelease?

Following on from a conversation at last nights FNM which saw Nathan win an epic 5 round contest and the last players leaving the shop at midnight!

I have decided to post an idea for an extended schedule of events at the prerelease for Return to Ravnica.

This is looking like it will be a great block and deserves something special!

We should have regained our advance status by that time, thanks to all of you for introducing several new players to the MTG scene over the last few weeks. (We only need 10 more players). Which would allow us to run up to 6 events.

So the proposal is to have the first prerelease for Ravnica at Midnight on Friday/Saturday!!!!!!!!

This would mean that FNM would finish at about 10:30ish and then an hour and a half later we start the prerelease weekend. There would still be a main event Saturday and Sunday day time as well as more events each evening!

This is at the moment only an idea and before I start organising anything I would like to know how many of you would be interested, so please let me know!!!! I can only do it if there are enough players. It would be limited space and tickets would have to be paid in advance!

In the more immediate future the next weekend is the M13 prerelease. If you have not got you ticket yet then please book soon as there is limited space on the Saturday one!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Adam T12:28 am

    It's an interesting idea Tea would be needed all night or I will fall asleep.