19 Jun 2012

Skirmish Tuesday

Tonight at Kids Dreams in Shoreham its Skirmish Tuesday. On the agenda this week is War Machine! Suggested points value is 25. This will allow several games to be played and suit players who have either not played a great deal or have limited amount of models.

Also there will be space for card game players and MTG Planechase is almost certainly going to be played. The will be two paint stations available for use and the Blood Bowl table will be ready for any one wanting to play a league game! (I would suggest letting me know if you want to play BB to avoid disappointment as there is space for only one game)

Entrance : £1, please pay into the pot when you arrive!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Adam T2:53 pm

    I might come down tonight to play some War Machine. I wanted to get into it after 40k but just never got round to it. Are the rule books still in date? Got one for Horde and the other one for the other guys.

    1. Adam T3:02 pm

      NOt sure what edition they are though.

  2. I'd quite like to watch a game and see what the deal is. Maybe something I get into once I get some money