18 Jul 2012

D&D Dungeon Command

Last night, Nick and myself had a look at the new D&D Dungeon Command sets and here are my initial thoughts!

The are two set which are designed to be played together, you can play a very basic game with one pack but  as you are using the same faction and a reduced amount of figures it is unlikely to be played much in this way once you have got to grips with the rules! The best way of playing is if you have two players one with each of the sets, it will be a much more interesting game which will last about an 1 hour (a bit longer if your still learning the rules!)

In the box you will find quite a bit of kit! Each box has four map sections, two small and two large, a rule book, counters, creature cards, commander cards, order cards and models to represent your war band! There are also twelve other cards for use with the D&D miniature game, but not part of this format!

The game is played on a map or board which is either set in the dungeon or out side! Players decide the layout at the beginning of the game!

The game is based on you taking the role of commander of a small group of characters of differing levels and abilities. You select one of two commander cards at the beginning of the game which will determine your morale, leadership and the amount of order and creature cards your are allowed to have.

Your commanders morale is the key to the game, if it drops to zero then you lose the game, every time a creature in you war band dies you will have to reduce the value and the only way to increase it is to collect treasure!

Your commanders leadership will go up each turn which will allow you to control more characters! Be careful of what creatures you play as one of the main tactics is choosing the right creatures at the right time!

You will have a set of order cards which you can play on creatures in your group to improve their attacks, make extra moves, heal damage, etc! Don't use them to quickly as you only get one extra card a turn! There are three different types of order; a standard action, which you can generally do only once for a character and replace standard attacks and actions such as collecting treasure, minor actions, which a character can use without replacing other standard tasks and immediate orders that can be done at any time including your opponents turn!

There are currently two faction packs available which are Sting of Lolth and Heart of Cormyr with Tyrany of Goblins due to be released at end of September and Curse of Undeath just before Christmas!

Both Nick and myself really enjoyed the game, its quick and easy to learn but needs a certain amount of tactical play! It should appeal to D&D players and miniature gamers alike! We will bring it along to the next gaming Sunday and from next week will be available to play at the D&D nights in Kids Dreams! (Wednesday 6pm)

We are running a demo day for this set on its release date which is this Saturday, have a look at the Kids Dreams blog for details : http://kidsdreamstoys.blogspot.co.uk/2012/07/d-dungeon-command-game-day.html

Gary of Team Gambit!

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