20 Jul 2012

Tonight's FNM

Tonight's FNM is going to be a 3 booster M13 draft! It will be at Kids Dreams as usual and will start between 6 and 6:30pm! The cost will be £10 (This will allow for prize boosters for first and second place)

As it is a draft event there are limited spaces! I have based this on recent numbers and can only cater for 20 players for this event so please arrive as early as possible and let me know if your planning to come!

We will be drafting in groups of between 6 and 8 and then all playing in normal Swiss rounds! I will start the first group on the drafting as soon as we get enough players, which will hopeful speed up the construction part!

IMPORTANT - Historically we have allowed players to write down their rares and have them returned at the end of the evening! This was done to try and promote a better deck construction process! This is no longer practical with such a large group, so from tonight what you pick will be what you keep!

If we get additional players, I will run a small standard FNM if there are enough people to make it work! This would cost £2 as normal! (This will only be happening if we get an unusually high attendance!)

Martin (in Tom's absence) is arranging a draft event for Saturday for about 8 players, so if your interested then let him or me know this evening and we will let you know if there is space!

I also have a very limited amount of Deck Builders Tool Kits available, let me know if you want one!

Hopefully see you all tonight!

Gary of Team Gambit!


  1. Hey Gary, Sorry I can't make this evenin, Hope it goes well, Olly

  2. Adam T8:28 pm

    Couldn't make it this eve because I've contracted the black death or something, maybe just a man cold.

  3. Ah no! Adams been infected by the Phyrexian oil!! Run-away!
    (Or for a 40k reference, Nurgle! Either way, AHHHHH!!)

  4. Adam T7:30 am

    Personally I've always been a devout follower of Slaanesh, can't beat those lovely demonettes.