6 Jul 2012

FNM - There can only be two?

Tonight's FNM may be a little different!

Dependant on numbers (we will need at least 16) we may break into two seperate FNM events. The top 8 or 10 players present will play against each other, whilst everyone else will pay in the other FNM. Both groups will play 4 rounds at the end of which the top two players from each group will play off to see who wins!

There is a new FNM promo card, as it is the first event of the month. The card for July is 'Forbidden Alchemy'

The prizes will be the FNM card and a booster for each of the top two players from each group and both group winners will receive a Avacyn Restored Portfolio.
Why two events? Hopefully this will allow some of the less experience players get a chance to win an FNM event and gain some Gambit Points as well as giving the top players a chance to see who is currently the best of the best! If it goes well tonight I will look at making it a monthly event!

Gary of Team Gambit

1 comment:

  1. Ah What! Thats really cool but I can't play tonight :(

    Pretty jealous of those prizes.