7 Jul 2012

Saturday's 2013 Prerelease

The Magic the Gathering 2013 Core Set Prerelease is being held in Kids Dreams today!

We have started the event and the players are currently opening their booster, will any one open a Elderscale Wurm and claim their free chomp!

We have one Chandra, two Jace, one Serra Avenger, several of the legends and the Sublime Archangel


James B  1   v  Sam  2
Simon   1 v Nathan  2
James M  2  v  Roy  0
Adam  2  v Chris Sisley  0
Aiden   0 v Martin  2
Tom  2  v Alex  0
Jonathon  2 v Chris Sherrin  0


Martin 2 v Jonathon 1
Adam 1 v Nathan 1
Sam 1 v Tom 2
James M 2 v Chris Sherrin 1
Chris Sisley 1 v Alex 1
James B  2  v Roy  0
Aiden 2  v Simon 0


James B 2   v  Chris Sisley 0
Adam 2  v  Jonathon 0
James M 2  v  Martin 1
Roy 1  v Alex 2
Chris Sherrin 2 v Simon 0
Nathan 1  v Tom 2
Sam 1 v Aiden 2

At the lunch break, the standings are:

Tom  2  v James M 0
Martin 2 v Adam 0
James B 0  v Aiden 2
Nathan 1  v Alex 1
Sam 1  v Jonathon 1
Chris Sisley 0 v Chris Sherrin 2
Roy 1  v Simon 2

At the end of this round both Simon and Chris Sherrin decided to drop!


Roy 0  v  Chris Sisley 2
James B  0  v  Martin 2
Adam 2  v James M 1
Nathan 2  v  Sam 0
Alex 1 v Jonathon 1
Tom 2 v Aiden 0


Tom 2  v Martin 0
Adam 2  v Adien 0
James M 2  v Nathan 0
Alex 2  v James B 0
Jonathon 0  v Chris Sisley 2
Sam 2  v  Roy 0


Well done to Tom for an excellent performance, the only player not to lose a game!

Jonathan won the achievement card prize and James M won the lucky seven prize!

Thank you to all the players for making it a pleasure to organise! Many of the players are staying for the two headed giant, but before that we ran a quick open dueling event with the new intro decks. Ten players started the event .... Darren, Sam, James B, Roy, James M, Nathan, Chris Sisley, Aiden, Tom and Adam

After the first round 5 players were eliminated Darren, James B, Roy and Tom and Adam; and Darren dropped out leaving 4!
Nathan beat Chris Sisley and James M beat Aiden, leaving Nathan and James M to fight in out in the final!

The winner ....... James M!

FINAL EVENT OF THE DAY - Two Headed Giant!

We are joined by Leo, Tom's brother for his first event with us!


Nick/Gary 0  v  Martin/Simon 1
Nathan/Chris 1  v  Roy/James 0
Tom/Leo 0  v  Alex/Jonathon 0

At the end of the round I am replaced by Ricardo playing in his first Gambit prerelease and onto round two!


Nick/Ricardo 0  v  Alex/Jonathon 1
Nathan/Chris 0  v  Martin/Simon 1
Roy/James  0 v  Leo/Tom 1


Nick/Ricardo 1 v James/Roy 0
Alex/Jonathon 1 v Martin/Simon 0
Tom/Leo 0 v Nathan/Chris 1

At the end of a really fun event the winning team was ... Alex and Jonathon!

Which brought the day to a close at 10:30pm, over 12 hours of great MTG madness! Three events in one day, not a bad effort!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. This is more exciting than the countdown to the Olympics!

  2. AdamT6:51 pm

    Wont be coming to the Two Headed Giant, soaked from walking home and now enjoying a cup of tea.