7 Jul 2012

FNM Update

For the first time ever we have run two FNM events at the same time, as we have 20 players present we are having an event with the highest ranked (Gambit Points) 10 players present and another event with the remaining players!

The top 10 players for tonight's top drawer are:
1. Nathan Minter
2. Robert Hills
3. Adam Tobin
6. James Bourne
7. Tom Kellock
9. Michael Pike
12. Simon Abersdorfer
15. Robert Mckittrick-Gallaher
18. Will Bowing
19. Alex Tynemouth

The eventual winners are Gavin James and Tom Kellock, well done to both players!

I am keen to get feedback on the idea of running two events in the same night. If its popular I will make one of each months standard evening two tiered and one a single event!

Gary of Team Gambit

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