29 Jul 2012

Jason and the Argonauts!

We had a brief meeting for those members of the club that are interested in being involved in taking a demonstration game to next years Salute! The theme is Jason and the Argonauts so we are proposing doing a 40K game themed on the skeleton battle featured at the end of the film! If you have not seen the film here is the relevant clip from the 1963 epic! (Obviously not the original soundtrack!)

The full film is also available on Youtube, see other video's after this one has played!

We are thinking of using Necrons for the skeletons and Grey Knights for the Argonauts! 

Our project team currently has 6 members and will be lead by Gareth. If you would like to join the project team then please let Gareth now as soon as possible.

Gary of Team Gambit

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