28 Jul 2012

The Cube!

Just a quick update about next weeks Skirmish Tuesday! One of our newer MTG players Caspar has agreed to bring his 'cube' along for anyone that is interested in playing!

The 'cube' is a MTG format which is basically a draft with the exception that there are no boosters! Caspar has prepared a stack of 375 cards (singleton) that will be used instead of boosters. The process is the same the cards will be handed out in piles of 15 and drafted as normal! A the end of the event all cards are returned to the cube ready for the next time it is used!

The 'cube' is a great format and he has space for 8 players (7 plus himself) so if you want to give it a go the let us know and then come along on Tuesday night!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Caspar10:35 am

    It's 375, so enough for 8 people. No theme, just powerful cards from magic's history. Much more fun than real drafts :)

    1. Sorry Caspar, I have now changed it to 375!