3 Jul 2012

This Month's Skirmishes

Here is the new agenda for Skirmish Tuesday for July:

This is based on requests from regular attendees, if you would like to see a different system in August then please let me know soon!

As far as tonight's 'Skirmish' is concerned, I will be allowing players to have a go at the starter box set! It really easy to play and will take only a short period of time. If anyone wants to bring along some Flames of Wars and play a bigger game then that's great!

As the Flames of War will not take up much space there will probably be some space for other table top games this evening such as Necromunda or War Machine!

The evening starts at 7pm and will finish about 10ish, everyone is welcome, it will cost £1 to attend!

Gary of Team Gambit

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