7 Aug 2012

A Busy Week End for Card Games!

Over the last weekend we held a number of Card Game events at Kids Dreams in Shoreham!

We had a double FNM on Friday which saw 20 players all trying to win one of the events and claim valuable Gambit Points!! Well Done to Sam on winning his second FNM in three weeks and Craig also winning his second event!

We also had the M13 Game Day on Saturday with players competing to be in the top 8 and win a full art Magmaquake and the chance to win a special game day play mat!!!

Well done to Darren for winning his first event with his very strong Human deck!

And then to finish off a busy weekend we held our very first Pokemon Prerelease, in fact we held two, one in the morning and one in the afternoon!

In the morning Charlie was the overall winner with Lewis and Jake coming in 2nd and 3rd and then in the afternoon the group was split into Masters which was won by Samual, with his brother Nathan claiming second place and the Junior/Senior group which was again won by Charlie and second going to Connor.

Charlie moves to the top of our Pokemon rankings as a result of an excellent performance this weekend!

All ranking points will be added to the Gambit blog later today!

We also have two MTG players Craig Simpson and Michael Measures entering PTQ events this weekend - Good Luck to you both!

Gary of Team Gambit

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