7 Aug 2012

WH40K - More Social ... or more contentious!?

Be prepared for healthy "discussions" in 40K ... !?!

Why? Because of the new wound allocation rules!

Take the simple one - shooting. You want to target the "special" model, it becomes the closest - ISH by a mm or two. Prepare for 30 seconds of ranting before its agreed or a dice off happens ...  Extreme? Maybe...

Then elevate it to close combat. A smart player will be "sniping" Power Fists etc in close combat. Model placement in close combat is now incredibly important - millimeters make a massive difference when you are working on taking out key threats before they get you. Take note Ork Nobs with Klaws... The natural response on the part of the other place is defensive...

What does this mean? Prepare for healthy discussions! Stay calm, make your point and dont let a heated response get you heated by return. Take a rulebook!

My personal favourite which is much easier now we pre-measure - be CLEAR about your intentions in the movement phase so that when your "killer move" comes to happen, its pre-approved by your oppo. If you share the plan before it happens, a good opponent will rationalise his response more calmly and the whole process should go much more smoothly.

40K is now better, but it also rewards smarter movement and tactical thinking much more now. This WILL generate a learning curve. Prepare for it, and remember, its a game! If it is wrong, have your rulebook and if you cant reach a joint conclusion - seek assistance from around you. Ultimately, if its not fun - dont do it again!

thanks for your time! Let me know if you want more... either an expansion of  sniping for example, or further posts on the same topic...


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  1. Gary Cambell-Smith8:32 pm

    Interesting article! More please!