8 Aug 2012

DnD The heroes you're stuck with.

Hello again people, I return with a much delayed DnD blog post, but with good reason for the long gap (but not an interesting reason) so without further introduction I feel it's best to begin with a quick run down of the heroes themselves.

Visard; the groups resident circus sideshow, a man made entirely of porous and brittle rock, he's a shardmind ardent which basicly means he thwacks the bad guys with a big sword and then somehow turns that into healing (we're assured he's not a vampire). Played by Nic the most experience member of the group and probably the best at it really, he spends a majority of the time being surrounded by the enemy whilst they work on eroding him away.
Gromlin; the second smallest party member, a (alcoholic) dwarf that plays the role of the rune priest who basically  draws pretty pictures on his weapons before he buries them into the enemy with normally rather underwhelming results. Played by Aaron, we rely on Gromlin to deal out a fair amount of damage and never get knocked cold, as he's always saved last minute some how, even when he deserves to go down and so someone else gets used as a meat shield (not feeling resentful at all).
Fey; the smallest member of the group, the promiscuous and abrasive gnome sorcerer who shoots magical bolts everywhere. Played by Dave this little guy takes less damage then all of us by never doing anything to help anyone other then himself, he does make up for it by killing the bad guys very fast, but still, I have to find something bad to say about everyone.
Rob; as a human paladin, Rob is the groups sole defender and takes the job to heart by doing very little damage but taking very little in return. Played by his name sake Rob, this paladin is the main source of reliable healing the group has and helps to defend the squishiest party members.
Terox; or Tex for short is a human invoker and the groups only controller, and is a source of some moderate but not useless ranged damage. Played by me (the worst dice roller that lives) he tends to spend a lot of time waiting for someone to come save him from horrible monsters but thanks to his bonuses to defences he manages to just about stave of death.

The last player is of course Nathan the DM, the huge jerk who likes nothing more then inventing cruel ways to play out the all to common critical fails the groups suffers but he's a awesome story teller and has a knack of keeping our crazy on track (somehow).

Well that's the run down for now guys so ima go see to my horrible disease addled self and until next time guys have a good week.

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