22 Aug 2012

Dystopian Wars: the balance of power

The world of Dystopian Wars is that of great power alliances. The Imperial Bond, comprising the Prussian Empire, and the Empire of the Blazing Sun, is engaged against the Grand Coalition, a pact entered by the Kingdom of Britannia, Federated States of America and the Russian Coalition

It isn't just the Great Powers who are engaged in this world war of 1870. Smaller nation states have sided with one of the major players in this battle for world supremacy.

The Polish-Lithuanian Commonwealth, caught between the conflicting might of the Prussians and the Russians, has joined the Grand Coalition in the hopes of maintaining its freedom with assistance from the Kingdom of Britannia. They will be drawn into a war against the Republique of France and the League of Italian States, who owe fealty to the Prussian Empire.   

Meanwhile, the Covenant of Antarctica sets out alone to implement its own machinations on the world. It will hinder a nation that has defiled its scientific discoveries - at the cost of favouring another.  The Covenant knows it cannot change the world by itself - but they must fight so the values of reason can triumph. 

To see the full list of Great Powers and Alliance Nations, and what impact their alliances have on the Dystopian Wars world, click here

Dystopian Skirmish 

Next week, my Blazing Sun fleet will engage Olly's Covenant of Antarctica at Kid's Dreams in Shoreham. We intend to play an 800 point game but if anyone wishes to join in, we can reduce the points for a quicker multi-player game.

Similarly, if you are interested in Dystopian Wars and want to watch Olly and I battle it out on the high seas, we'll be happy to explain how the game works.

Dystopian Legions 

Spartan Games will be releasing a 28mm scale game set in the Dystopian Wars world. The game will allow players to focus on fast-paced infantry skirmishes  as opposed to the colossal clashes of ships and armoured units - though expect to see to scale Metzger Class Robots.

For more on Dystopian Legions click here.

Happy gaming and I'll see you on the horizon next week.

John of Team Gambit.

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