21 Aug 2012

Skirmish Tuesday

Tonight is Skirmish Tuesday! On the planner for tonight is 'Necromunda' if you have a gang then bring them done for a skirmish in the underhive! I will set up two tables ready for either one on one battles or some bigger multi gang combat! If you have never played Necromunda before then one of us will be happy to give you a quick demo!

Current Gang Ratings are :

1. The Apostles (1503)
2. Aaron's Gang 
3. The West Side Boys (1309)
4. Polo's Wenches (1227)

There will be MTG and blood bowl as normal, hopefully Nick and James might play their first league match!

There will also be a space for Catan or Civilisation, as a few players have now booked a space!

The entrance fee is £1 as normal!

Gary of Team Gambit!

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