24 Aug 2012

Gambit Games Moves Home (Next Month)


Just a short note to let you all know from September our club location will be moving to a new venue, yesterday I picked up the keys. So after this months Club day (we will be finishing early) we will move the stuff to the new location, and maybe if anybody is interested grab a beer.

The new location will be: 14th Hove Scout Hut, this is located in Vale Park, Portslade, BN411GD.

This venue, will also have some restrictions, due to the nature of the site, we will have to be out by 10pm, but that just means we'll have to cram in as much tabletop goodness as possible.

So to be clear, this Sunday is at Glebe Villas and it will be your last chance for glory in that hall. So get down there and bring as much as possible!


Barry - Team Gambit

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