24 Aug 2012

Tonight's FNM

Tonight the FNM event is a 4 booster sealed! The entrance fee is £15 and it will begin at 6pm!

The boosters for this event will be INNISTRAD!

There is limited space for this event and based on the last sealed I have allowed for 18 players! Please let me know if you intend on coming!

I will also have tonight a delivery of the following items Ultr Pro 100+ Deck Boxes, Deck Protectors and M13 Deck Builders Tool Kits, let me know if you want any reserved!

If you are interested in ordering one of the new From the Vault : Realms then please let me know soon as these are due in next week!

Finally any one wanting to get a ticket for any of the coming Return to Ravnica Prerelease events these will be on sale from Tonight!

Gary of Team Gambit

P.s Dont forget that there will be club day this Sunday in Glebe Villas. Anyone is welcome, small entrance fee, every game and every format could be there!


  1. hi gary cant make it to night but if u still running midnight pre relese can u save me a ticket

  2. Simon2:27 pm

    How much is From the Vault: Realms going to be?