31 Aug 2012

The League has a Winner!

After five weeks of play the M13 League has finally come to a end! During the event the lead has changed several times and the scores have been very close!

The final scores are:

Darren 5 points
James 8 points
Paul 8 points
Gary 10 points
Michael 19 points
Nick 27 points
Todd 28 points
Tom 33 points
Alex 37 points
Craig 37 points

and the winner ...... Will 'The Chainsaw!' on 38 points (just one in front!!!)


  1. Robbie1:26 pm

    Grats Will :)

  2. Thanks Gary, Robbie.

    Well played Craig and Alex who were very close second places...I feel like I stumbled over the finishing line!

    Well done Todd and Nick for putting in a good effort and attendance.

    Tom? Hare and tortoise my friend, hare and tortoise...