31 Aug 2012

Tonight's FNM

The FNM event tonight is due to be a Draft! For players who want to play this format it will be 'Avacyn Restored' and I will need at least 8 players! The cost will be £10 and will include prizes for the top two! This is a limited entry event and the most we can have is 18!

In addition to this event we will also be offering a Standard event, which will cost £2 as normal and I will again need 8 players! Please confirm that you are attending and which format you would like to play!


  1. Robbie1:31 pm

    I'll definately be there for standard, it's cool that we cn have 2 different events running like this.

  2. Caspar6:27 pm

    I won't make it :( Have a good one!