25 Sep 2012

40K in 40 minutes!!!

Last week we had a couple of 40K in 40 minute games, which have gone really well! The fit in nicely to the skirmish format and offer quick and interesting games that most players can get involved with!

I have decided to have a separate ranking system for these smaller games, so far I think the games that have been played are:

Gary vs Rob (Winner Gary)
Barry vs Aaron (Winner Barry)
Barry vs Rob (Winner Barry)
Gary vs Matt (Winner Matt)

This would make our current leader Barry! Something that clearly needs to change, so why not have a go and see if you can knock him off  top spot! 40K in 40 minutes will be on offer again tonight and hopefully we will see at least a couple more results!

The young guns will also be playing this format so can be included in the rankings! With space being at a premium this weekend it might present itself for a number of these smaller games!

Gary of Team Gambit

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