25 Sep 2012

Saluez mes Chevaliers Gris!!!!

Bonjour mon amis, 

I am here with a brief update on the progress towards presenting the GG game at Salute in 2013. I know there is a long way to go but best to get the models ready asap and then tweaking the scenario can come later. I think some of the info has been Blogged before but I am presenting it again here, any ideas are welcome so feel free to let us know your thoughts, we'll also be running through it at the club day this month so come along and join in. 

We have a rough idea on the scenario and once we have run through it a couple of times we can then see what needs to be changed. 

The theme for this year is "Jason and the Argonauts" so we are going to run a 40K game with Draigo (Jason) and some Grey Knight Paladins (the Argonauts) attempting to get to the "fleece" through various evil doers. 

So - to the scenario, its still very basic and detail will be fleshed out more as it develops. 

The "fleece" is being held in a building, this building is protected by a shield. The Shield generator is in a secondary building.

There will be two squads of Grey Knights and the objective is that one squad has to knock out the shield generator and then the other squad goes for the "fleece".

The "fleece" is guarded by Necrons, but the twist is that these are being manipulated by Tzeentch to whatever end. So once Draigo and the Terminators get to it Fateweaver shows up and causes carnage.

Grey Knights.
2 * Paladin Squads.
2 * Stormravens (or maybe just 1)
Couple of Dreads??? (to go under the Stormravens)

Some Necrons..... TBD
Fateweaver and maybe some Deamons.

6 by 4 Battle Board with the hill bits all together in one half.
Start Zone (on the right) where the StormRaven mount knights start.
Objective 1 - Shield Generator.
Objective 2 - The Fleece building.
A and B - Teleporters?? for recycling Necrons (if this mechanic works or is needed).

I am currently painting up the Grey Knights required for the scenario (also an excuse to start a Grey Knight army). I have finished the first squad, the Librarian and a Stormraven. After we play the scenario through a few times we will be able to more accurately determine what other models we need. So below are a few pictures of the stuff completed so far.

Grey Knight Paladin Squad.

Grey Knight Paladin Squad, Librarian and Stormraven. 

Librarian and Grey Knight Squad.

 Inquisitor (converted from WFB Dark Elf Sorceress). 

Until next time.....


  1. Sounds good, looks good. Is the Stormraven going to be 'The Argos' or how ever it's spelt?

  2. I guess it would be, maybe I should stick a big wooden women's head on the front. Might interfere with the aerodynamics though.

  3. Mate, the models are looking really sharp and the images are really nice too; what kind of setup did you use when you took them?

    1. Two bits of white cardboard, the one at the back is just propped up with a cup, desk lap in front of the models and I took the pictures with my iPad3. I am amazed at the quality of the iPad pictures, they take much better close up shots of models than my "real" camera. I just wasn't expecting the iPad ones to be that good.

      I was going to buy a new DSLR with a Macro lens etc for taking pictures of models but now I might just stick with the iPad.

      I don't think the iPad is good for normal photography, but for models its awesome.