5 Sep 2012

On the road to Ravnica

Right, once more it's spoiler season at Wizards of the Coast. We're firmly on the build up to the next block now, we've been told the basics and now the cards are coming. The set is based on a Coruscant like city plane known as 'Ravnica'. A favourite of Magic players of old and from the looks of it, it'll be a favourite for new players too. So without any further ado, set your faces to stunned and grab a chair...

Hybrids, Gold Borders, New Mechanics, New Land...

Oh and Return to Ravnica has some new Planeswalkers aswell! Presenting 'Vraska the Unseen'...
Vraska the Oblivion Ring/
Planeswalker destroyer!
And not to forget a new Jace...
Everyone's favourite blue
cloaked magician.

So, excited yet? I know I am. I'll see you all at the Prerelease weekend, but for now I'm a hyped up Olly for GGUK


  1. Adam T2:48 pm

    Stop printing awful Jace cards. Make a new planeswalker that doesn't have the shadow of it's past (JTMS) looming over it.

  2. they have the black green planeswalker is soooo goood

  3. I am struggling to contain my excitement on this packed commuter train ..... I like the Judge's Familiar. Just in time for Dredd 3D!

  4. Adam T7:57 pm

    The gorgan planeswalker is pretty cool. Though her ulimate isn't as good as her first two abilities. Looking to be a great set so far.