13 Sep 2012

This weeks FNM

This week the FNM event is Modern!!!!

However, several players have requested a Legacy event instead! So I have decided to try and do one of each! Both events will cost £2 and will start at about 6pm!

I will need to know numbers, so please let me know which event you will be playing in, I will need at least 8 for each one! Both events will have prize cards and boosters for first and second place as normal!

For those who would like to join the MTG facebook group please 'like' us at http://www.facebook.com/kidsdreamstoys and I will send you a friend request and then add you to the group!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams


  1. Robbie2:13 pm

    I know at least me, Matt, Tom and Casper are up for legacy. Hopefully we can get both going :)

  2. I'm happy with either Cos I have a Modern & Legacy with me tonight

  3. Tom K3:39 pm

    Ill play in both ?