2 Oct 2012

From the 30th

Hey Folks - Gareth here with a few bits from Sunday's club day.

I think the new venue was pretty awesome and coped well with the large number of gamers that showed up on Sunday. The Magic session was in full swing but still left the rest of us space for games, I think the hall is actually an improvement on the old place, lets just hope its not too cold during the winter months.

So I managed to get a couple of games in, one of which was a Warmachine game against Andy's Menoth. Well I call it game but I got spanked, a combination of the Avatar and Andy being a very good player. But don't worry Andy, lessons have been learnt (mainly don't take a Wraith Engine as they are poo).

I snapped a couple of pics and grabbed a video, might do some more video next time as the tables were all looking awesome - maybe start a YouTube channel, Gambit Games TV? Good be the next step.

Till next time.....

A couple of pictures from the game.... 

The Wraith Engine approaches the Avatar of Menoth.

.... and then gets spanked to death. 

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  1. I really need to convert the Avatar, he looks so weedy in those pics. Loving the ominous "4 Focus" dice though, at least now there is picture evidence that once in every 500 games, you do actually get 4 focus on the turn you need it!

    Cheers for the game Gareth, i look forward to facing off against your collosal some time soon too, it scares me!