8 Oct 2012

Gatecrash Keyrune Art

ARTWORK for the five remaining Keyrunes has appeared on various sites.

Boros Keyrune

Tony Stark had an input on this one
The Boros Legion upholds the law in Ravnica. This Keyrune will probably turn into a soldier. Either a 2/1 with First Strike or a 1/2 with Double Strike.

Dimir Keyrune 

The Dimir always get to the point
House Dimir is the shadowy guild of manipulation and secrecy. The Keyrune may become a 2/1 Illusion, Spirit or Vampire or even Shape shifter which is unblockable.  It could have an Izzit Keyrune ability where if it deals combat damage to a player that player discards a card and you draw a card.

Gruul Keyrune

Could this be a beast of a Keyrune?
The Gruul Clans represent the wild and untamed elements or Ravnican society. The Keyrune may transform into a 3/2 Trampling Beast.

Simic Keyrune

There's something fishy about this Keyrune
The Simic Combine has changed since the original Ravnica bloc. Large sink-holes have appeared on the plane and Merfolk now head the guild. The Keyrune could transform into a 2/4 Octopus or Kraken and have Hexproof or Islandwalk as these abilities seem to fit with Simic colours. 

Orzhov Keyrune 

Will this Keyrune drive your opponents batty?

The Orzhov Syndicate believe that with wealth comes power and the dead exist only to rule. This Keyrune looks like it will transform into a 2/2 Vampire with Flying, Deathtouch or Lifelink.        

That's all there is for now. It would be good to see your thoughts on the Keyrune Cycle or proposed mechanics in the comments.

John of Team Gambit.


  1. Good article John. What is the Keyrune Cycle?

    The Wizards sorting hat put me in House Simic so keen to see that one.

    I'm still warming to Ravnica but am seeing lots of possible recruits to my 'circus of mayhem' deck.


    1. The Keyrune Cycle is the guild keyrunes. They are artefacts for three mana that can turn into creatures. Like the Golgari Keyrune which transforms into a 2/2 insect with Deathtouch.

      I wondered if anyone had any thoughts about what the new ones would turn into.

  2. Yes, I get the keyrune artifacts bit (and I think you're on the money for the mechanics), but why 'cycle'.

    If the five keyrunes above are in next expansion (gatecrasher?) What will there be in the third instalment? ...One Keyrune to rule them all, and in the darkness bind them...

    Now where have I heard that before?

    Senor Will.

  3. I cant believe the Boros Keyrune would be a 2/1 with first strike, because thats just a worse Rakdos Keyrune. I think a 1/2 with double strike is much more likely. On the same note I don't think that the Orzhov Keyrune will have deathtouch because the Golgari one did already. The same with the Dimir. Discarding 2/1 is far more likely than looting again.