12 Oct 2012

Tonight's FNM

Tonight the FNM event is Standard! However with the lack of boosters this week I have needed to change the prize structure for this evening!

Basically there will be two options, the first is an event with the usual entrance fee of £2 for which the prize will be the October FNM promo card for first and second and for the winner a M2013 game day play mat!

The second option is a higher priced FNM which will cost £5 to enter! The reason the entrance fee is higher is due to the value of the proposed prize. First and second will again get the October FNM cards but the winner would receive a copy of the recent 'From the Vaults' set!!!

I can run both events, but would need a minimum of 8 players for each! Please let me know which event you will be interested in! Dependant on numbers I should have enough of the 'Mwonvuli Beast Tracker' to give out to each player that attends!

Hopefully see you all tonight,

Gary of Kids Dreams and Team Gambit


  1. That is a great prize sir I commend you.

  2. Tom K3:35 pm

    Got my eye on that Vaults box :)