18 Nov 2012

Dragon's Maze

Wizard's has announced the title of the final set in Retrurn to Ravnica bloc.

Dragon's Maze


Izzet Ral?
The tag-line of 'Ten Guilds, One Destination' poses an interesting story arc. What is the Dragon Maze and why are the Guilds searching for it? Currently it seems only Niv-Mizzet is searching for the maze, as is alluded to in the flavour text of Jarad's Orders; "The Izzet are searching for something. Discern what or die trying." 

The next question is what is Ral Zarek's role in this set? Little is known about this Planeswalker other than he first appeared in the Duels of the Planeswalkers expansion set with the 'Cloudburst' deck; and was a former guildmage for the Izzet League. As former versions of Izzet Guildmages involve copying instant or sorcery spells this could be one of Ral's abilities - although Chandra, the Firebrand already has a copy ability.  
The Return to Ravnica players guide makes a passing reference to Ral;

"Ral Zarek is loyal to the Izzet League, but his ability to planeswalk is unknown even to the powerful dragon guildmaster Niv Mizzet, who has recently sent his guild into a frenzy of research and projects that no one seems to understand but him."   

Happy speculating

John of Team Gambit

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