18 Nov 2012

New Alliances

Over the weekend Aaron and myself had a 1750 point Warhammer 40K battle at Kids Dreams and we both decided to have a go at building forces with allies! I have played one game using a small Dark Eldar element against Michael's Tyranids last week and wanted to build a more balanced list using the best bits of my Eldar and Dark Eldar forces. Aaron wanted to give his Chaos army a go with the new codex and wanted to feature a allied Imperial Guard force!

My Jet bikes attacking Aarons right flank!

The game was objective based and I got to set up first electing to split my for with Dark Eldar on one side of the battle field and the Eldar on the other! (Choosing to believe that these to different force had made a temporary alliance to fight a common foe!)

Aaron spread his force along his side of the battlefield positioning his two tanks in prime position to shot down my Wave Serpents! Unfortunately for Aaron his Thousand Son's Soceror turned himself into a Chaos Spawn before the game started!

In the opening turns I had all the luck! Removing the main weapons from the Leman Russ one the first shot certainly helped and the quick advance of the Dark Eldar weakening Aaron's defensive line considerably! Aaron missed with virtually everything claiming only one warlock on jet bike as casualty!

My Void Bomber turn up on the second turn and managed to do some damage to the second of Aaron's Leman Russ tanks and the Dark Elder claimed first blood killing the Chaos spawn and unit of Guard on the left flank! At this point the Eldar forces has claimed two of the objectives making the most of the hostile attack the there Dark Eldar brothers had initiated!

The game seemed to be going my way, but then the Chaos Terminators arrive determined to claim vengeance on the Dark Eldar! I immediately focused my fire on them but failed to kill many their 2 plus save proving to simply too good! The Dark Eldar hungry to claim a trophy charged the Chaos lord and his unit with the Archon challenging him to a duel to the death!

The combat was swift and unforgiving! My Archon was slain with a single blow and although the terminator unit was wiped out the cost for the Dark Eldar had been high!! Only one wych remained! 

The Dark Eldar claim the left flank before meeting
the Choas Terminators and being wiped out!
One the other side of the battle field the one ratling sniper and a lone Vyper exchanged fire with neither managing to hit the final blow! Eventually as the Chaos lord cut through the remaining Dark Eldar reavers and the Thousnad Sons tried to regroup on the left flank the Vyper finally managed to win the exchange that had lasted several turns!

The Eldar now made their final surge, the Seer Council on Jetbikes cutting through the remaining guard allowing the Guardians to claim another objective. The Void bomber finally claimed the Chaos lord and battle was almost over! In the final turn the Farseer claimed the final casualty of the battle killing the last of the Thousand Sons!

As the dust settled on the battlefield the Eldar had a lot to be pleased about, the Chaos had been slaign, thanks in no small part to their Dark Eldar brothers. With only a Venom and the bomber remaining the Dark Eldar must have felt betrayed by the Eldar, whether these two crafts made it home to relay this news is in my opinion unlikely!

For both of us it was more practice at the new rules, I think we both enjoyed having allied forces and will build on this in the future! Having played a few games now, I am beginning to get a feel for the new rule set and think it is still a very enjoyable system! Aaron and I immediately started to think about a rematch and with the Chaos hungry to seek revenge, the two Eldar forces may have to again fight on the same side!

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