17 Jan 2013

Blood Bowl League Update!

So the first game of this years Blood Bowl Season has been played...

The Axoloty 49ers played the Organ Donors. The game provided a lot of action with the final score being 4-1 to the 49ers, the speed of the Lizardmen proving to be too much for the brawn of the Orks!

The next match is scheduled for this Saturday which will see the Nazgorath Starstealers take on the new Skaven team coached by Aaron!

I have the following players all interested in playing, Michael, Ben, Adam and Swifty! Please could you confirm you want to play by commenting on this post, along with the name and race of your team! No team can play its second match until all teams have completed their first matches!

Once I have confirmation on numbers I will be collecting the £3 from each player so that I can get the trophy ordered! (It will probably come from the states so would like to do it soon!)

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