12 Jan 2013

MTG 2012 Top 20!!!

The new year has started which means that the rankings will now be reset but here are the final standings of 2012. I have listed the top 20, but if your name is not on the list and you want to know your final position let me know and I will check for you!

20, Callum Davidson
19, Simon Abersdorfer
18, Will Bowing
17, Ricardo Domingos
16, Olly James
15, Nick Murphy Cunningham
14, Sam Chapman
13, Nick Lewis
12, Andrew Simpson
11, Todd Harris
10, James Bourne
9, Martin Griffin
8, Michael Pike
7, Gary Cambell-Smith
6, Adam Tobin

and the top 5...

5, Darren Phipps-Walker
4, Alex Tynemouth
3. Tom Kellock
2. Robert Hills

and the top ranked player is of course for the second year .... Nathan Minter!

The player with the highest average score was Cameron Whitney who finished 23rd with 11.77 points per game, and the player with the best FNM performance was Tom Kellock with an impressive 18 wins in total!

Gary of Team Gambit

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