31 Jan 2013

Blood Bowl Update

This week we have had the second match in the Blood Bowl season, the dwarf team and champions from 2011 'Small Order' played the dark elf team the Nagarroth Starstealers.

With the speed of the elves and the hard hitting ability of the dwarf's, the crowd of 19,000 had big expectations of a high scoring game.The first half however was quite slow with the dwarf's slowly pushing down the side of the pitch protecting the ball well but unable to really punch a hole through the elves defencive line. Eventually just before the end of the half the dwarf's finally broke through and made a run for the touchdown only to fall just inches before the line. The half time score 0-0.

The temperature rose considerably for the second half and the Stealers still had there star player Damakror Dreamarrow on the sideline unconscious from a nasty block in the first half. The elves started well with Zemti Tamigrowl making a long throw down the sideline to the safe hands of Novir Longmork, unfortunately for the elf the dwarf quickly blocked him in and nearly pushed him of the pitch! In a desperate push Novir dodged the first dwarf player jump clear of the second and made a run for the line getting the first touch of the game.

The push proved to much for the elf and he spent the rest of the game getting over heat exhaustion along with two of the dwarf team. Small Order managed to get themselves more organised at the end of the second half, and caused a lot more casualties as they pushed hard to level the match. With only a few minutes remaining the elves were down by 3 more players, Udolf Ashfall becoming the only fatality of the game!

The dwarf team broke the line again and had to make a short pass to get the second touchdown and drew the score at 1-1.

The current standings in the League are...

1st The Axylotl 49ers 3 points
2nd Small Order and The Nagarroth Starstealer 1 point
4th The Organ Donors 0 points

Gary of Team Gambit

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