28 Jan 2013

What a weekend!

This weekend was also the Gatecrash Prerelease this weekend and it was the best attended one that we have done!!

In total we had 140 tickets sold, with 68 unique players, of which 20 were playing their first prerelease with us!

The winners of each event were :-

Midnight Prerelease - Nahan
Saturday 10am Prerelease - Nathan
Saturday Intros - Darren
Two Headed Prerelease - Martin and Daniel
Sunday Prerelease - Adam
Sunday Intros - Darren
Draft - Nathan

The final standings on the Saturday events have already been posted, but here are the two from Sunday!



A massive thank you to everyone that attended one of our events, it was great fun to host and I hope you all enjoyed the experience and maybe got some good cards at the same time! Remember the set is released on Friday and this weeks FNM will have a special promo card for all that attend!

Gary of Team Gambit

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