25 Jan 2013

Tonight's FNM

Tonight the FNM event will run a bit longer! It is LEGACY and will start at 6:30pm costing just £2 as normal! However as the prerelease is due to start at midnight it seems to make sense for play to continue until about 11pm! We will be running 5 rounds tonight followed by at top 4 play off!

We have also been asked to run a standard event as well tonight .... this can be done as long as there are enough players for both events. I need 8 players as normal to be able to sanction the event, although it works better with at least 12!

Tonight is the last chance to get the foil 'Searing Spear' as the next FNM will be in February!

Please let me know which format you would be interested in playing tonight!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

1 comment:

  1. AdamT1:36 pm

    Just to let you know I'll be there for the Midnight release if there is still room