27 Feb 2013

Another Great weekend!

A big thank you to everyone that attended last weekends Gambit Gameday! It was a busy one with lots going on! Here is a quick review of some of the highlights, but first if you want to know how one the first ever Lords of War event have a look at : http://kidsdreamstoys.blogspot.co.uk/2013/02/the-lord-of-war-is.html

With over 15 game systems being played this weekend I think its safe to say that there was something for everyone, and although space was tight I don't think anyone had to wait too long for a game!

First up was War Machine with some truly impressive models on the battlefield ...

Next we have a game that is becoming a regular at our events which is Bolt Action, more details on this system can be found at the Warlord Games site!

For the first time we hosted a Pokemon City Championship and congratulations to Oscar Smith (Juniors), Matthew King (Seniors) and Ben Stewart Armstead (Masters) on winning their age groups in the competition all getting a trophy and some new Plasma Storm boosters for their efforts.

Our colleagues from Brighton Heroclix held a sealed event for the new Spiderman set which created a lot of interest in this game system. Matt and some of the experienced players had the opportunity to teach some of the game basics once the event finished! Some of the spare characters were kindly donated to us, which will allow new players to this great game the chance to learn the rules!

Both 40K and fantasy were being played as normal and it was good to see some new faces...

Dungeon Command was also played this month on a much bigger scale than previously, we managed to see all four factions being played in an epic four way battle! Both the new Undead and Goblin sets have some really cool characters and give the game some new tactics.

In the evening we had some role play in the form of Dark Heresy and a Magic the Gathering event which saw 16 players competing for the Gatcrash Gameday playmat. Congratulations to Cameron Whitney on his victory!

We had some Malifaux again this month, if you have not seen this before why not have a look at their website for details on how to play, etc.

With everything else going on during the day it seem amazing to think that anyone could concentrate on actually making something, but we have some really great Bolt Action buildings being designed and built, which should really add to what we currently offer!

Our next event will be Sunday 31st March, and whatever you play ... come along, there is bound to be someone ready to give you a game. We have players of all ages and experience levels and are happy to teach anyone to play one of our systems as well as offering more competitive games for experienced players.

Hopefully see you all next month!

Gary of Team Gambit


  1. Loved it! Another good day.

  2. Blimey....in the immortal words of Geddy Lee...I think i'm going bald!