27 Feb 2013

Let the battle commence ....

Today at the Young Guns club held at Kids Dreams in Shoreham we have started a small 40k campaign with armies starting at just 500 points!

Any of our players are welcome to join in at any point, although you might want to do it soon before any of the factions get to dominant! Players are also free to use the shop armies, as you can see from the campaign map the Dark Eldar, Necrons and Eldar are already being played, but I still have Orks, Marines and probably a second Eldar or Necron force if you want to play!

In our first battle the Necrons lead by George, Eldar under the control of Tom and the Dark Eldar by Alex tried to take control of the first sector! This was a simple case of the survival of the strongest! Whoever dominated this battle would take control and the first victory of this campaign would be theirs. All three armies sent small war parties to fight for this key location. Initially the Dark Eldar only sent one Vemon to scout the battlefield. The Eldar and Necrons had taken buildings to the east and west and ignoring the single craft, exchanged fire as the battle roared into life! The Dark Eldar saw the chance to take the objective and their Archon jumped from the Venom as is swept across the field and opened a webway portal! Within seconds reavers, helions, incubi and wyches charged from the portal and looked set to claim a quick but brutal victory! Both the Eldar and Necron generals were concerned about the speed at which the Dark Eldar forces could advance and chose to take an allied approach to the problem that Alex's army posed! The only question as the two forces opened fire upon the unfortunate Dark Eldar was which army would be the first to brake the pact! The answer came in the closing moments as the Eldar took the first shots across the battlefield towards the Necron forces! The Dark Eldar were forced back towards their webway portal and the Necrons seeing the Avatar cut through the enemy with ease, calculated the odds as against them and chose to save the fight for another day! The Eldar have the first victory, but a single battle will not win this war!

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