11 Feb 2013

Blood Bowl League Update

Today we have had one of the last games in the first round of this years blood bowl league! The Sewer Skank's played the Dream Bunnies...

The Skank's took the earlier advantage catching an off target kick and immediately started about pushing the Bunnies out of the way! They made a quick run for the line followed by an accurate throw, all they had to do was make the easy catch and score for an early lead ... the ball was fumbled and the Bunnies got a chance to recover it! The ball was recovered and immediately thrown back down the pitch, this time the catch is good and the Bunnies now had the advantage. The advantage was short lived as the unfortunate 'Bunny' was jumped on by 3 Skaven and the ball was again free! What followed could only be described as chaos as both teams fought for the ball! Eventually the Skaven got it and with the gutter runners speed soon set up another throw this time for a touch down .... this time it went to plan! 1-0 to the Sewer Skank's

Following the completion the Skank's make a long kick and despite positioning all his player to prevent a quick charge from the Dream Bunnies, Aaron leaves a gap that Mike takes full advantage of and was set up to level the score! Three Skaven quickly charge the ball carrier and despite a brave attempt to dodge them all and potentially score,makes two dodges but falls on the final attempt! There follow a mass fight for the ball and it changed hands several times but neither team could make a realistic attempt at scoring and the half time score remained 1-0!

At the beginning of the second half the Bunnies took advantage of a gap in the Skaven line and make an early run for the line and chance to level the score! In the inevitable Skaven blitz the ball got knocked of the pitch and the Skaven caught the ball after it was thrown back onto the field! The Skank's made a long bomb to clear the ball which despite the good throw was unfortunately dropped. One of the Skaven was knocked into the Bunnies fans who immediately took the opportunity to take revenge on the unfortunate rat for the 1-0 lead and he was removed as a casualty, making the Skank's two players down. The Dream Bunnies took advantage of being a player up and quickly scored, making it 1-1!

With the game coming to a close the weather got worse and it started to rain .... heavily, making it difficult to hold onto the ball! The Dream Bunnies then went on the attack making the most of the extra players and soon got the first fatality of the match and the Skaven were down another player! Another few minutes passed before yet another Skaven fell unconscious and was removed from the game leaving only 7 on the pitch! The Skank's got a chance to catch the ball and regain control of the game but unfortunately as the ball is so wet it was dropped and the opportunity passed! To make things worse the Skaven lost another player leaving only 6! The Bunnies had a chance to score and went for it falling just inches before the line, may be a final chance for the Skaven! Unfortunately for Aaron the odds were stacked against and the Bunnies took the lead at 2-1!

The Bunnies made a high kick allowing the Skank's to tried to make a catch but it was still raining heavily and the ball was dropped. Even though the Skaven picked the ball up and started to rush forward the weather was really working against the Sewer Skank's and the ball was dropped again in what should have been an easy hand off. The Bunnies grabbed the chance and make the final score 3-1!

The league currently looks like this with only one game left of this round...

Gary of Team Gambit

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