12 Feb 2013

Lords of War

Well its been a while since we introduced you to the card game 'Lords of War' and since some of you have had the cards for a while now, we thought it was time to set up the first ever tournament!!!

We will be the first players to compete in a Lords of War competitive event and will hopefully be joined again by the guys from Black Box! 

At the moment I am thinking of running a series of 'swiss' rounds in a similar format to our other card games which would see you playing each other and then after several round the top four would play off in a series of best of 3 matches to find our first ever Lord of War!

For those that have already purchased a copy of Dwarves vs Orcs you can start to customise your decks to include the best units from both races (rules for deck construction are in the basic rules) or if your a purist then simple pick which ever force you like the best and play it the way it was designed!!!

The event will be played on Saturday 23rd February 2013 which is the day before this months Game Day at Gambit Games! More details of format, entry costs and times will follow soon, but for now please register your interest by e-mail, comment of facebook comment! 

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