21 Feb 2013

Gatecrash Gameday

This weekend is Gatecrash Gameday. Every player will receive a full art promo Zameck Guildmage and the top eight will each get a foil full art Firemane Avenger!!!


In addition the event winner will get a special 'champion' playmat...

This will be a 'STANDARD' event and will cost £2 to enter. We will be holding the event at the Gambit Games hall in Vale Park this Sunday. The event will start at 6pm once the Pokemon City Championship finishes! The event will consist of 4 rounds of swiss and end at about 9:30pm!

There will only be one Gameday this weekend, due to the amount of activity I have decided to run one next Tuesday evening from 7pm - This will be at the usual Skirmish Tuesday held at Kids Dreams in Shoreham!

Please confirm your attendance at this event in advance!

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