18 Apr 2013

Draigo and the Draigonauts

Somewhere in the Imperium what started as a simple rumour has become something much more complex and in need of attention!!! The Council of the High Lords of Terra has gathered to discuss what action should be taken. Although they are uncertain of the exact origin of the information, the Emperor's spies and Planetary Governors have become concerned about the mysterious F.L.E.C.E (Fluctuation Line Elimination Cortex Engine). The FLECE is said to hold the power to dominate the universe, an ancient technology maybe for the days of Necrontyr, a race that aeon's ago reigned supreme over the Galaxy! Fearing such power falling in to alien hands the council authorise a mission to retreive the FLECE. Only a select few are informed of the plans and  Kaldor Draigo is ordered to command the mission personally!

Kaldor Draigo is the Supreme Grand Master of the Grey Knights and a warrior beyond reckoning and will follow the Emperors orders without question. Selecting just a few of his most trusted Grey Knights, Draigo and his ' Draigonauts' leave Saturn's moon Titan under great secrecy, with only Draigo himself knowing the destination and purpose of their mission. Not even the captain of the strike cruiser 'Ruler of the Black Skies' will be given the co-ordinates until they are clear of Segmentum Solar!

When the Draigonauts arrive at the planet which has been given the operational code name of 'Colchis' they detect a force shield on what would otherwise seem a 'dead world'. Unable to scan what is concealed by the shield and finding no other signs of civilisation or technology Draigo reveals the purpose of their mission and concludes that the FLECE must be located beneath the shielded area. The 'Ruler of the Black Skies' holds its orbit above the planet and the unit of terminators, a Librarian and a Dreadknight are order to met with Draigo in the launch bay.

Initial passes made by their Thunderhawk Gunship reveal the possible location of the power source of this mysterious shield. In the ruins of an ancient city the power source can only be approached on foot as it is protected by some form of psychic energy! Draigo orders the gunship to get them as close as possible, the pilot selects a suitable landing area but informs his Grand Master that is will be unsafe for the ship to remain in the area that close to an unknown physic force. As they make their final approach to the drop zone the pilot picks up movement on his sensors. Draigo considers making a second pass before disembarking but remembers his orders that the FLECE must not fall into alien hands!

As the dust clears caused by the Thunderhawks engines, Draigo surveys the area, in the distance he sees the shield but knows that without disabling the power source his men will not be able to locate the FLECE. The Dragonauts pick up multiple movement on their auto sensor and through the haze they see the luminous green  of Gauss weapons ....

What happens next is up to you! If you would like a chance to play out this mission then why not come and see us at 'Salute 2013' this weekend at the ExCel in London!

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