19 Apr 2013

Tonight's FNM

Tonight we will be holding a 'Gatecrash' Draft, the event will be starting at 6:15pm and will be open to up to 12 players and will cost £12 to play. As normal we will need at least 8 players for this to enable it to be a sanctioned FNM event!

In addition to this event we will also be running a ....

We have run a couple of these events on Saturdays but many people have been unable to attend, so we have decided to run them along side the draft events each month! 

Deck building challenges are basically constructed deck events such as Standard or Modern with extra conditions added to make them a bit of a challenge and encourage player to use cards that they don't always play with.

Tonight's challenge will be a Standard deck with the additional condition that you can only use one of each card except basic land, in other words a 60 Card Singleton Standard Deck.

This event will still be an FNM event and you will get points as normal as well as the usual prize cards, etc. The event will cost £2 as normal!

Gary of Team Gambit and Kids Dreams

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